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Staff Directory

Colorado School of Mines Athletics Main Office:  303-273-3360
Mines Athletics Main Office FAX:  303-273-3362
Compliance Coordinator FAX:  303-384-2241
Mines Athletics Ticket Office:  303-384-2254

Mailing Address
Colorado School of Mines Athletics
Attn:  (person / department)
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, CO  80401


Name Title Phone Email
David Hansburg Director of Athletics 303-273-3300 hansburg@mines.edu
Dixie Cirillo Associate A.D. / Compliance / SWA 303-273-3206 dcirillo@mines.edu
Charles O'Dell Assistant A.D. - Business & Event Manager 303-384-2254 codell@mines.edu
Carolyn Dennee Administrative Assistant 303-273-3360 cdennee@mines.edu
Darren Townsend Head Equipment Manager 303-273-3373 dtownsen@mines.edu

Recreational Sports

Name Title Phone Email
Rob Thompson Assistant A.D. / Director of Student Recreation Center 303-273-3907 rbthomps@mines.edu
John Howard Director of Intramural & Club Sports 303-273-3646 jkhoward@mines.edu
Ryan McCallum Assistant Director of Student Recreation Center / Aquatics Director 303-273-3548 rmccallu@mines.edu
Rachael Abler Outdoor Recreation Center Coordinator 303-273-3908 rabler@mines.edu
Nate Bondi Director of Outdoor Recreation Center 303-273-3537 nbondi@mines.edu
Dominic Ackerman Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports 303-273-3646 dackerma@mines.edu
Rebecca Pike Fitness Director 303-273-3951 rpike@mines.edu

Sports Information

Name Title Phone Email
Colin Bonnicksen Sports Information Director 303-273-3095 cbonnick@mines.edu
Bryan Desch Assistant Sports Information Director 303-273-3735 bdesch@mines.edu

Sports Medicine

Name Title Phone Email
Jennifer McIntosh Head Athletic Trainer 303-273-3375 jdwyer@mines.edu
Jacob Pope Assistant Athletic Trainer 303-384-2084 jpope@mines.edu
Andy Vanous Assistant Athletic Trainer 303-273-3575 avanous@mines.edu
Andrea Westhead Assistant Athletic Trainer 303-384-2556 awesthea@mines.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Jerod Goodale Head Coach 303-273-3241 jgoodale@mines.edu
Kellen Mitts Assistant Coach 303-273-3241 kmitts@mines.edu
Anthony Siderius Assistant Coach 303-273-3241

Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Chris Siemers Head Coach 303-273-3368 csiemers@mines.edu
Alexa Rogers Assistant Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Bob Stitt Head Coach 303-273-3365 csmfootball@mines.edu
Jason Semore Assistant Coach 303-273-3159 jsemore@mines.edu
Scott Carey Assistant Coach 303-384-2294 scarey@mines.edu
Clement Grinstead Assistant Coach 303-384-2511 cgrinste@mines.edu
Scott Kaniecki Assistant Coach 303-384-2505 skanieck@mines.edu
Morgan Liggett Assistant Coach 303-384-2511 mliggett@mines.edu
Nolan Swett Assistant Coach 303-384-2320 nswett@mines.edu
Matt Nicholson Assistant Coach 303-384-2296 mtnichol@mines.edu
Brian Hendricks Assistant Coach 303-384-2428 bhendric@mines.edu
Daniel Lassen Volunteer Assistant Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Tyler Kimble Head Coach 303-273-3527 tylerrmg@comcast.net
Chuck Canepa Assistant Coach / Recruiting Coordinator cjcanepa@aol.com

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Pryor Orser Head Coach 303-273-3364 porser@mines.edu
Brad Schick Assistant Coach 303-273-3216 bschick@mines.edu
Paul Grant Assistant Coach

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Frank Kohlenstein Head Coach 303-273-3369 fkohlens@mines.edu
Greg Mulholland Assistant Coach 303-384-2295 gmulholl@mines.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Leah Glasgow Head Coach 303-273-3937 lglasgow@mines.edu
Kim Smith Assistant Coach

Swimming & Diving

Name Title Phone Email
Nate Rothman Head Coach / Aquatics Director 303-273-3370 nrothman@mines.edu
Sarah Cook Assistant Coach 303-384-2540 sschmeck@mines.edu

Track & Field

Name Title Phone Email
Matt Sparks Head Coach (303) 273-3385 mdsparks@mines.edu
Tara Brooks Assistant Coach (Throws) 303-273-3314 tbrooks@mines.edu
Chris Siemers Assistant Coach (Distance) 303-273-3368 csiemers@mines.edu
Jocelyn Kuksa Assistant Coach (Pole Vault)
Alexa Rogers Assistant Coach (Distance)
Scott Van Sickle Assistant Coach (Sprints, Mid-Distance)


Name Title Phone Email
Jamie Skadeland Head Coach 303-273-3371 jskadela@mines.edu
Heather Roberts Assistant Coach 303-273-3395 harobert@mines.edu
Jackie Stabell Student Assistant Coach
Holly Hutchison Student Assistant Coach
Amanda Massey Volunteer Assistant Coach
Cynthia Godfrey Student Manager
Rodney Roberts Student Manager

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Brittany Simpson Head Coach 303-273-3469 bsimpson@mines.edu
Leslie Seymour Assistant Coach 303-273-3366 lhaywood@mines.edu
Brecca Gaffney Assistant Coach

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Kevin Fickes Head Coach 303-273-3151 kfickes@mines.edu
Shannon McDonnell Assistant Coach 303-384-2539 smcdonne@mines.edu
Theresa Bagby Goalkeeper Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Austin DeVoe Interim Head Coach 303-273-3374 adevoe@mines.edu
Todd Porter Assistant Coach 303-273-3352 tjporter@mines.edu
Mike Marsh Assistant Coach mmarsh@mines.edu
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