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Staff Directory

Colorado School of Mines Athletics Main Office:  303-273-3360
Mines Athletics Main Office FAX:  303-273-3362
Compliance Coordinator FAX:  303-384-2241
Mines Athletics Ticket Office:  303-384-2254

Mailing Addresses
Colorado School of Mines Athletics
Attn:  (person / department)
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, CO  80401

For football/track & field/cross country:
Attn: (person / department)
1285 12th Street
Golden CO  80401 


Name Title Phone Email
David Hansburg Director of Athletics 303-273-3300 hansburg@mines.edu
Dixie Cirillo Associate A.D. / Compliance / SWA /Coordinator of Physical Activities 303-273-3206 dcirillo@mines.edu
Tim Flynn Assistant A.D. / Communications 303-273-3095 flynn@mines.edu
Charles O'Dell Assistant A.D. / Business & Event Manager 303-384-2254 codell@mines.edu
Rob Thompson Assistant A.D. / Director of Recreational Sports 303-273-3907 rbthomps@mines.edu
Carolyn Dennee Administrative Assistant 303-273-3360 cdennee@mines.edu
Darren Townsend Head Equipment Manager 303-273-3373 dtownsen@mines.edu

Recreational Sports

Name Title Phone Email
Rob Thompson Assistant A.D. / Director of Recreational Sports 303-273-3907 rbthomps@mines.edu
Margie Rodgers Assistant Director of the Student Recreation Center 303-273-2360 mrodgers1@mines.edu
John Howard Director of Intramural & Club Sports 303-273-3646 jkhoward@mines.edu
Nate Bondi Director of Outdoor Recreation Center 303-273-3537 nbondi@mines.edu
Rebecca Pike Fitness Director 303-273-3951 rpike@mines.edu
Amy McCann Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation Center 303-273-3908 amyemccann@mines.edu
Adam Hickle Intramural & Club Sports Coordinator 303-273-3646 ahickle@mines.edu

Athletic Communications

Name Title Phone Email
Tim Flynn Assistant A.D. / Communications 303-273-3095 flynn@mines.edu
Trey Bloomer Assistant Director for Athletic Communications 303-273-3735 dtbloomer@mines.edu

Sports Medicine

Name Title Phone Email
Jennifer McIntosh Head Athletic Trainer 303-273-3375 jdwyer@mines.edu
Andy Vanous Assistant Athletic Trainer 303-273-3575 avanous@mines.edu
Jacob Pope Assistant Athletic Trainer 303-384-2084 jpope@mines.edu
Jessica Hoyt Assistant Athletic Trainer 303-273-2556 jhoyt@mines.edu
John Thomas Assistant Athletic Trainer 303-273-3375 jthomas1@mines.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Jerod Goodale Head Coach 303-273-3241 jgoodale@mines.edu
Kellen Mitts Assistant Coach 303-273-3241 kmitts@mines.edu
Mark Martinez Assistant Coach
Robby Bales Assistant Coach

Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Chris Siemers Head Coach 303-273-3368 csiemers@mines.edu
Alexa Rogers Assistant Coach
Andrew Epperson Student Assistant
Phil Schneider Student Assistant


Name Title Phone Email
Gregg Brandon Head Coach 303-273-3365 gbrandon@mines.edu
Isaac Carter Assistant Coach 303-384-2320 icarter@mines.edu
Nick Fulton Assistant Coach 303-273-3159 ndfulton@mines.edu
Clement Grinstead Assistant Coach 303-384-2511 cgrinste@mines.edu
Mike Slife Assistant Coach 303-273-3444 mslife@mines.edu
Dustin Washburn Assistant Coach 303-384-2294 washburn@mines.edu
Mike McGlinchey Assistant Coach 303-384-2428 mmcglinchey@mines.edu
Brandon Moore Assistant Coach 303-384-2296 btmoore@mines.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Tyler Kimble Head Coach 303-273-3527 tylerrmg@comcast.net
Chuck Canepa Assistant Coach / Recruiting Coordinator cjcanepa@aol.com

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Pryor Orser Head Coach 303-273-3364 porser@mines.edu
Brad Schick Assistant Coach 303-273-3216 bschick@mines.edu

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Frank Kohlenstein Head Coach 303-273-3369 fkohlens@mines.edu
Greg Mulholland Assistant Coach 303-384-2295 gmulholl@mines.edu
Collin Audley Assistant Coach
Hank Lewis Assistant Coach wlewis@mines.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Leah Glasgow Head Coach 303-273-3937 lglasgow@mines.edu
Liz Andrews Assistant Coach 303-273-3937 eandrews@mines.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Nate Rothman Head Coach / Aquatics Director 303-273-3370 nrothman@mines.edu
Lauren Sampl Assistant Coach

Track & Field

Name Title Phone Email
Matt Sparks Head Coach (303) 273-3385 mdsparks@mines.edu
Chris Siemers Assistant Coach 303-273-3368 csiemers@mines.edu
Jocelyn Sparks Assistant Coach jrsparks@mines.edu
Alexa Rogers Assistant Coach
Scott Van Sickle Assistant Coach
Michael Gusbeth Assistant Coach mgusbeth@mines.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Jamie Skadeland Head Coach 303-273-3371 jskadela@mines.edu
Heather Roberts Assistant Coach 303-273-3395 harobert@mines.edu
Hannah Margheim Student Assistant Coach
Cynthia Godfrey Student Manager
Rodney Roberts Student Manager

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Brittany Simpson Head Coach 303-273-3469 bsimpson@mines.edu
Ashleigh Ackerman Assistant Coach 303-273-3366 ashacker@mines.edu
Leslie Seymour Assistant Coach 303-273-3366 lhaywood@mines.edu

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Kevin Fickes Head Coach 303-273-3151 kfickes@mines.edu
Shannon McDonnell Assistant Coach 303-384-2539 smcdonne@mines.edu
Brent McGee Goalkeeper Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Austin DeVoe Head Coach 303-273-3374 adevoe@mines.edu
Tyson Reiner Assistant Coach 303-273-3352 treiner@mines.edu
Louis Caputo Assistant Coach 303-273-3352
Mike Marsh Assistant Coach mmarsh@mines.edu
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